Solution to Problem 595 | Spacing of Rivets or Bolts in Built-Up Beams

Problem 595
A concentrated load P is carried at midspan of a simply supported 12-ft span. The beam is made of 2-in. by 6-in. pieces screwed together, as shown in Fig. P-595. If the maximum flexural stress developed is 1400 psi, find the maximum shearing stress and the pitch of the screws if each screw can resist 200 lb.



Solution to Problem 581 | Design for Flexure and Shear

Problem 581
A laminated beam is composed of five planks, each 6 in. by 2 in., glued together to form a section 6 in. wide by 10 in. high. The allowable shear stress in the glue is 90 psi, the allowable shear stress in the wood is 120 psi, and the allowable flexural stress in the wood is 1200 psi. Determine the maximum uniformly distributed load that can be carried by the beam on a 6-ft simple span.

256 Twisting and bending effects

Problem 256
A vertical shaft AB is 5 ft long and bolted to a rigid support at its lower end A. At its upper end B is attached a horizontal bar BC which is 2 ft long. At the end of C is applied a force P = 180 lb. Force P is perpendicular to the plane containing points A, B, and C. Determine the twisting effect of P on the shaft AB and the bending effect at point A.