Area by Integration

Divide the circle of radius 13 cm into four parts by two perpendicular chords, both 5 cm from the center. What is the area of the smallest part.

03 Area Enclosed by Cardioids: r = a(1 + sin θ); r = a(1 - sin θ), r = a(1 + cos θ), r = a(1 - cos θ)

Find the area individually enclosed by the following Cardioids:
(A)   $r = a(1 - \cos \theta)$
(B)   $r = a(1 + \cos \theta)$
(C)   $r = a(1 - \sin \theta)$
(D)   $r = a(1 + \sin \theta)$



08 Area Enclosed by r = a sin 3θ and r = a cos 3θ

Find the area bounded by $r = a \sin 3\theta$ and $r = a \cos 3\theta$.



05 Area Enclosed by r = a sin 2θ and r = a cos 2θ

Find the area bounded by $r = a \sin 2\theta$ and $r = a \cos 2\theta$.



01 Area Enclosed by r = 2a cos^2 θ

Find the area enclosed by r = 2a cos2 θ.



07 Area Enclosed by r = 2a cos θ and r = 2a sin θ

Find the area enclosed by the following:

(a)   $r = 2a \cos \theta$
(b)   $r = 2a \sin \theta$




Example 8 | Area bounded by arcs of quarter circles

Arcs of quarter circles are drawn inside the square. The center of each circle is at each corner of the square. If the radius of each arc is equal to 20 cm and the sides of the square are also 20 cm. Find the area common to the four circular quadrants. See figure below.



Area for grazing by the goat tied to a silo

A goat is tied outside a silo of radius 10 m by a rope just long enough for the goat to reach the opposite side of the silo. Find the area available for grazing by the goat. Note that the goat may not enter the silo.



Cycloid: equation, length of arc, area

A circle of radius r rolls along a horizontal line without skidding.

  1. Find the equation traced by a point on the circumference of the circle.
  2. Determine the length of one arc of the curve.
  3. Calculate the area bounded by one arc of the curve and the horizontal line.


709 Centroid of the area bounded by one arc of sine curve and the x-axis

Problem 709
Locate the centroid of the area bounded by the x-axis and the sine curve $y = a \sin \dfrac{\pi x}{L}$ from x = 0 to x = L.


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