Thermometer Outdoor Reading

Differential equations: Newton's Law of Coolin

Need help on this..DE Newton's Law of Cooling

A thermometer is removed from a room whose ambient temperature is 70° F and is taken outside.
After one minute the thermometer reads 60° F and after three minutes, it reads 55° F. What is the outside
temperature (which is assumed to be constant)
? Find your answer by solving DE model of Newton’s Law
of cooling.

Differential equations: Newton's Law of Cooling

Need help on this one. DE Newton's Law of Cooling

At 9 A.M., a thermometer reading 70°F is taken outdoors where the temperature is
l 5°F. At 9: 05 A.M., the thermometer reading is 45°F. At 9: 10 A.M., the thermometer is
taken back indoors where the temperature is fixed at 70°F. Find (a) the reading at
9: 20 A.M. and (b) when the reading, to the nearest degree, will show the correct
(70°F) indoor temperature.

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