Newton's Law of Cooling

Differential equations: Newton's Law of Coolin

Need help on this..DE Newton's Law of Cooling

A thermometer is removed from a room whose ambient temperature is 70° F and is taken outside.
After one minute the thermometer reads 60° F and after three minutes, it reads 55° F. What is the outside
temperature (which is assumed to be constant)
? Find your answer by solving DE model of Newton’s Law
of cooling.

How to Solve Newton's Law of Cooling

Hello, do you have any solved difficult sample problems about Newton's law of cooling for practice?

Differential equations: Newton's Law of Cooling

Need help on this one. DE Newton's Law of Cooling

At 9 A.M., a thermometer reading 70°F is taken outdoors where the temperature is
l 5°F. At 9: 05 A.M., the thermometer reading is 45°F. At 9: 10 A.M., the thermometer is
taken back indoors where the temperature is fixed at 70°F. Find (a) the reading at
9: 20 A.M. and (b) when the reading, to the nearest degree, will show the correct
(70°F) indoor temperature.

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