Physical Properties of Soil

Phase Diagram of Soil

Soil is composed of solids, liquids, and gases. Liquids and gases are mostly water and air, respectively. These two (water and air) are called voids which occupy between soil particles. The figure shown below is an idealized soil drawn into phases of solids, water, and air.



Weight-Volume Relationship from the Phase Diagram of Soil
total volume = volume of soilds + volume of voids
$V = V_s + V_v$

volume of voids = volume of water + volume of air
$V_v = V_w + V_a$

total weight = weight of solids + weight of water
$W = W_s + W_w$

14 Review Problem - Weight of concrete surge chamber when full of water

Problem 14
A concrete surge chamber with circular cross section and vertical inner walls has an inside diameter of 100 ft. The outer walls taper uniformly. The outer walls taper uniformly ¼ in. to 1 ft. of rise, and at the base the thickness is 5 ft. The height of the surge chamber is 150 ft. above the pressure tunnel, and the material used in its construction weighs 150 lb. per cu. ft. Find the total weight of the chamber when full of water.

10 Weight of snow in an igloo with 12 ft inside diameter and 2 ft thick

Example 10
An igloo or Eskimo hut is built in the form of a hemispherical shell with an inside diameter of 12 ft. If the igloo is constructed of snow block having a uniform thickness of 2 ft and weighing 40 lb/ft3, find the weight of the igloo, neglecting the entrance. Also, if fresh air contains 0.04% carbon dioxide, find the amount of this gas in the igloo when freshly ventilated.

Solution to Problem 219 Axial Deformation Jhun Vert Mon, 04/20/2020 - 08:18 pm

Problem 219
A round bar of length L, which tapers uniformly from a diameter D at one end to a smaller diameter d at the other, is suspended vertically from the large end. If w is the weight per unit volume, find the elongation of ω the rod caused by its own weight. Use this result to determine the elongation of a cone suspended from its base.