stone bridge

Problem 02 - Semi-Elliptical Arch in a Stone Bridge

A semi-elliptical arch in a stone bridge has a span of 6 meters and a central height of 2 meters. Find the height of the arch at a distance of 1.5 m from the center of the arch.

A.   1.41 m C.   1.56 m
B.   1.63 m D.   1.73 m


Problem 449 - Reactions at the Supports of a Bridge

Problem 449
The bridge shown in Figure P-449 consists of two end sections, each weighing 20 tons with center of gravity at G, hinged to a uniform center span weighing 12 tons. Compute the reactions at A, B, E, and F.



018 Review Problem - Volume of Stone Bridge

Problem 18
A stone bridge has three equal semicircular arches resting on four equal rectangular piers. The radius of each arch is R, the dimensions of the piers L, W, H, while the distance from the top of each pier to the top of the bridge is D. If L = 50 ft., W = 5 ft., H = 10 ft., R = 6 ft., D = 12 ft., find the number of cubic yards of material used in building the bridge.



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