spherical shell

015 Review Problem - Volume of spherical shell

Problem 15
A spherical shell 2 in. thick has an outer diameter of 12 in. Find the volume of the material of which it is made.

003 Weight of an iron shell

Example 003
An iron ball 10 cm in diameter weighs 4 kg. Find the weight of an iron shell 5 cm thick whose external diameter is 50 cm.

Thin-walled Pressure Vessels

A tank or pipe carrying a fluid or gas under a pressure is subjected to tensile forces, which resist bursting, developed across longitudinal and transverse sections.

TANGENTIAL STRESS, σt (Circumferential Stress)
Consider the tank shown being subjected to an internal pressure p. The length of the tank is L and the wall thickness is t. Isolating the right half of the tank:

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