Solid Shaft

Solution to Problem 322 Torsion

Problem 322
A solid steel shaft is loaded as shown in Fig. P-322. Using G = 83 GPa, determine the required diameter of the shaft if the shearing stress is limited to 60 MPa and the angle of rotation at the free end is not to exceed 4 deg.

Solution to Problem 321 Torsion

Problem 321
A torque T is applied, as shown in Fig. P-321, to a solid shaft with built-in ends. Prove that the resisting torques at the walls are T1 = Tb/L and T2 = Ta/L. How would these values be changed if the shaft were hollow?

Figure P-321


310 Strength Comparison of Hollow and Solid Steel Shafts of Equal Outside Diameters

Problem 310
Show that the hollow circular shaft whose inner diameter is half the outer diameter has a torsional strength equal to 15/16 of that of a solid shaft of the same outside diameter.

305 Minimum Diameter of Steel Shaft With Allowable Angle of Twist

Problem 305
What is the minimum diameter of a solid steel shaft that will not twist through more than 3° in a 6-m length when subjected to a torque of 12 kN·m? What maximum shearing stress is developed? Use G = 83 GPa.

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