simple curve

Problem 03 - Simple Curve

Given the following elements of a circular curve: middle ordinate = 2 m; length of long chord = 70 m. Find its degree of curve, use arc basis.



Problem 01 - Simple Curve

The angle of intersection of a circular curve is 45° 30' and its radius is 198.17 m. PC is at Sta. 0 + 700. Compute the right angle offset from Sta. 0 + 736.58 on the curve to tangent through PC.



Simple Curves

Formulas for Circular Curves
The formulas we are about to present need not be memorized. All we need is geometry plus names of all elements in simple curve. Note that we are only dealing with circular arc, it is in our great advantage if we deal it at geometry level rather than memorize these formulas.



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