Simple Beam with Overhang

The total length of the beam shown below is 10 m and the uniform load $w_o$ is equal to 15 kN/m.



1.   What is the moment at midspan if x = 2 m?

A.   37.5 kN·m C.   -187.5 kN·m
B.   -37.5 kN·m D.   187.5 kN·m

2.   Find the length of overhang x, so that the moment at midspan is zero.

A.   2.5 m C.   2.4 m
B.   2.6 m D.   2.7 m

3.   Find the span L so that the maximum moment in the beam is the least possible value.

A.   5.90 m C.   5.92 m
B.   5.88 m D.   5.86 m


Influence Lines for Beams

A downward concentrated load of magnitude 1 unit moves across the simply supported beam AB from A to B. We wish to determine the following functions:

  • reaction at A
  • reaction at B
  • shear at C and
  • moment at C

when the unit load is at a distance x from support A. Since the value of the above functions will vary according to the location of the unit load, the best way to represent these functions is by influence diagram.



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