motion in a circle

05 - Two runners moving in opposite directions in a circular track

Benjie and Jerwin is running in opposite directions in a 400-meter circular track and meet each other every 35 seconds. If Benjie can complete one track in 65 seconds. How long does it take for Jerwin to run 400 meters?

04 - Two runners moving in the same direction in an oval track

Runners A and B start together in a race around a 900-ft oval track. Runner A is making a speed of 27 ft/sec and runner B at 22.5 ft/sec. How long will it take runner A to be exactly one circumference ahead of runner B.

Motion-related Problems

Motion with constant velocity
The distance traveled is the product of velocity and time.

$s = vt$

s = distance
v = velocity
t = time

It follows that

$t = \dfrac{s}{v}$   and   $v = \dfrac{s}{t}$


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