252 Equivalent single force for a force and a couple

Problem 252
A force system consists of a clockwise couple of 480 N·m plus a 240 N force directed up to the right through the origin of X and Y axes at θx = 30°. Replace the given system by an equivalent single force and compute the intercepts its line of action with the X and Y axes.

250 Reaction at the supports of cantilever truss

Problem 250
The cantilever truss shown in Fig. P-250 carries a vertical load of 10.8 kN. The truss is supported by bearing at A and B which exert the forces Av, Ah, and Bh. The four forces shown constitute two couples which must have opposite moment effects to prevent movement of the truss. Determine the magnitude of the supporting forces.

Reactions of Cantilever Truss