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Solution to Problem 561 | Built-up Beams

Problem 561
A T section has the dimensions given in Fig. P-561. Show that the neutral axis is 3 inches below the top and that INA = 166.7 in4. If the tensile stress at the bottom of the flange is 1000 psi, calculate (a) the total tensile force in the flange and (b) the total compressive force in the cross section. Also compute (c) the moment of the compressive force about the NA, and (d) the moment of the total tensile force about the NA. (e) How does the sum of (c) and (d) compare with the total applied bending moment as computed from the flexure formula?

Solution to Problem 560 | Built-up Beams

Problem 560
The wide-flange beam shown in Fig. P-560 is strengthened by bolting two cover plates 160 mm by 20 mm to the top and bottom flanges. If the maximum flexure stress is 140 MPa, compute the total force (a) in each cover plate and (b) in each flange. Neglect the weakening effect of the bolt holes.

Solution to Problem 559 | Built-up Beams

Problem 559
A beam is composed of 6 planks, each 100 mm wide and 20 mm thick, piled loosely on each other to an overall dimension of 100 mm wide by 120 mm high. (a) Compare the strength of such a beam with that of a solid beam of equal overall dimensions. (b) What would be the ratio if the built-up beam consisted of a 12 planks each 100 mm wide by 10 mm thick?


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