angle of inclination

Problem 531 | Friction

Problem 531
A uniform plank of weight W and total length 2L is placed as shown in Fig. P-531 with its ends in contact with the inclined planes. The angle of friction is 15°. Determine the maximum value of the angle α at which slipping impends.

Plank resting at some angle on two inclined planes


Problem 525 | Friction

Problem 525
A uniform ladder 4.8 m ft long and weighing W lb is placed with one end on the ground and the other against a vertical wall. The angle of friction at all contact surfaces is 20°. Find the minimum value of the angle θ at which the ladder can be inclined with the horizontal before slipping occurs.

Problem 515 | Friction

Problem 515
Block A in Fig. P-515 weighs 120 lb, block B weighs 200 lb, and the cord is parallel to the incline. If the coefficient of friction for all surfaces in contact is 0.25, determine the angle θ of the incline of which motion of B impends.

Two blocks with one on top of the other


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