Absolute Pressure

Determine the absolute pressure in a vessel of mercury at a point 200 mm below its surface.

A.   126 kPa C.   128 kPa
B.   130 kPa D.   132 kPa


Problem 12 - Variation of Pressure

In a condenser containing air and water, the air pressure is 22.1 kPa absolute. What is the gage pressure in kiloNewton per square meter at a point 1.37 m below the water surface.

Problem 10 - Variation of Pressure

A gage on the suction side of a pump shown vacuum of 254 mm of mercury. Compute (a) pressure head in meters of water; (b) pressure in kiloPascal; (c) absolute pressure in kiloPascal if barometer reads 736.6 mm of mercury.

Problem 09 - Variation of Pressure

The pressure in a gas tank is 2.75 atmospheres. Compute the pressure in kiloPascal and the pressure head in meter of water.

Problem 08 - Variation of Pressure

What is the pressure in pounds per square inch 4 ft below the surface of a liquid of sp. gr. 1.50 if the gas pressure on the surface is 0.4 atmosphere?

Problem 02 - Variation of Pressure

Determine the pressure on the face of a dam at a point 12 m below the water surface, in (a) kilo Pascal gauge; (b) kilogram per square meter gauge; (c) kilo Pascal absolute; (d) pounds per square foot gauge; (e) pounds per square inch gauge; and (e) pounds per square inch absolute.

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