Video Discussion: MSTE-00 Problem Set 2

Again, understand that the problems loaded in your end when you took the Quiz, which is now in your records, are randomly arranged. Which means that the arrangement here is not the same in sequence from your records. Just follow the problem that you are interested most. If you have any question, you can drop it at the comment section here or at the Q&A for Problem Set 2 listed on the course outline at the sidebar.

You may watch the following videos in full screen:

A non-square rectangle is inscribed in a square so that each vertex of the rectangle is at the trisection point of the different sides of the square. Find the ratio of the area of the rectangle to the area of the square.
Determine the amplitude of $y = 4 \cos 2x$.
The magnetic bearing of a line was recorded as S 80° 15' W in 2000 at Mactan Island which had a declination of 16° E in that year. Compute the present magnetic bearing of the same line in 2006 if the declination in 2006 is 4° 30' E.
A cube is 6 inches in edge. A cutting plane is passed through the midpoint of three adjacent edges. Find the volume of the smaller solid.
A slope of 20 degrees in percent is most nearly equal to:
A trapezoid has an area of 360 m2 and altitude of 20 m. Its two bases have ratio of 4:5. One of the bases is…
A boy is 25 years younger than his father. In 10 years, his father will be twice his age. Find the age of the boy.
Two regular pentagons are concentric to each other. One of which has sides of 20 m and the other has sides of 10 m. If their corresponding vertices are in the same direction, find the area inside the larger pentagon but outside the smaller pentagon.
The area bounded by the waterline of a reservoir is determined by using planimeter and the following are the results: A1 = 20,000 m2; A2 = 18,000 m2; A3 = 14,000 m2; A4 = 10,000 m2; and A5 = 8,000 m2. If the contour interval is 2 m, find the capacity of the reservoir (in cubic meter) using end area method.
If one third of the air in the tank is removed by each stroke of an air pump, what part of the total air will be removed in 6 strokes?
Chords AB and AC are drawn on a circle of radius 10 inches. Find the angle between the chords if the arc BAC is 28 inches long.
Find the sum of the first terms of the progression 2, 4, 8, 16,…
The sum of the digits of a 3-digit number is 17. The hundred’s digit is twice the unit’s digit. If 396 be subtracted from the number, the order of the digits will be reversed. Find the number.
A circle 8 cm in radius is tangent to a line at A. Another circle 3 cm in radius is tangent also to the same line at B. Find the distance AB if the two circles are tangent externally to each other.
A hole 10 inches in diameter is to be punched out from a sphere having a diameter of 16 inches. Determine the volume punched out if the center of the hole is along the diameter of the sphere.