Why we ask for your donation?

MATHalino.com started as a hobby site for storing solved problems in engineering mathematics. Few months after the release, it already caters hundreds of visitors a day from different parts of the world. On a daily basis, this site is attracting more and more readers from around the globe. The hits per day increases that the administrator decided to migrate the whole site to a new server and convert the static HTML to database driven site.  

As of the writing of this page, MATHalino.com is serving at an average of 25,000 unique visitors per month which amounts to 200,000 pageviews a month. We can see a growing number of visitors in the trend and this trend may overload our server in the next few months. To ensure the delivery of every demand, we are planning to migrate to a semi dedicated sever. The cost however in staying at the semi-dedicated server is 800% more than the present cost which is \$120 a year.  

The semi-dedicated server will cost us \$960 a year. We are in need to raise \$4,800 to ensure a 5-year hosting service. This amount is doable as it takes only 4,800 persons to donate $1 to raise the amount. MATHalino.com is knocking at your door. If this site helps you in one way or another, please donate any amount to us. Rest assured that your donation will be used for the improvement of this site.  


Please send us your details using the contact form if you donate $100 or more.  

This issue has been resolved, thank you for your donations. We run again the Donate Button, but this time it's not about server issue but for those who wish to say thank you to us in a monetary way. Click here for more info.
Thank you,

Romel Verterra
Author, MATHalino.com