Water Pipe

017 Review Problem - Amount of water to fill the large network of city pipes

Problem 17
Assuming that a city has 400 miles of water pipes and that the average diameter of the pies is 1 ft., how much water is required to fill this entire system?

013 Review Problem - Volume of water inside the Venturi meter

Problem 13
The accompanying figure represents the longitudinal view of a Venturi meter, a device designed to measure the flow of water in pipes. If the throat of the of the meter is 6 in. long and has an inside diameter of 4 in., find the volume of water in the meter which is used in 12-in. pipe line if the altitudes of the tapering parts are in the ratio 1:3 and the smaller altitude measures 12 in.



001 Review Problem - Weight of a brass water pipe

Problem 1
Find the weight of a brass water pipe 20 ft. long whose inside diameter is 1.5 in. and whose thickness is 1/4 in., if brass weighs 520 lb. per cu. ft.

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