Variable Acceleration

1019 Velocity and acceleration from the equation of distance | Motion with Variable Acceleration

Problem 1019
The motion of a particle is given by the equation $s = 2t^4 - \frac{1}{6}t^3 + 2t^2$ where $s$ is in meter and $t$ in seconds. Compute the values of $v$ and $a$ when $t = 2 \, \text{ sec}$.


Motion of a Particle
Particle is a term used to denote an object of point size. A system of particles which formed into appreciable size is termed as body. These terms may apply equally to the same object. The earth for example may be assumed as a particle in comparison with its orbit, whereas to an observer on the earth, it is a body with appreciable size. In general, a particle is an object whose size is so small in comparison to the size of its path.

Rectilinear Translation (Motion Along a Straight Line)

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