Unsymmetrical Beam

Solution to Problem 552 | Unsymmetrical Beams

Problem 552
A cantilever beam carries the force and couple shown in Fig. P-552. Determine the maximum tensile and compressive bending stresses developed in the beam.

Solution to Problem 551 | Unsymmetrical Beams

Problem 551
Find the maximum tensile and compressive flexure stresses for the cantilever beam shown in Fig. P-551.

Solution to Problem 550 | Unsymmetrical Beams

Problem 550
Resolve Prob. 549 if the maximum moments are +2.5P lb·ft and -5.0P lb·ft.

Solution to Problem 549 | Unsymmetrical Beams

Problem 549
A beam with cross-section shown in Fig. P-549 is loaded in such a way that the maximum moments are +1.0P lb·ft and -1.5P lb·ft, where P is the applied load in pounds. Determine the maximum safe value of P if the working stresses are 4 ksi in tension and 10 ksi in compression.

Solution to Problem 548 | Unsymmetrical Beams

Problem 548
The inverted T section of a 4-m simply supported beam has the properties shown in Fig. P-548. The beam carries a uniformly distributed load of intensity wo over its entire length. Determine wo if fbt ≤ 40 MPa and fbc ≤ 80 MPa.


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