trapezoidal gutter

06-09 Trapezoidal gutter of greatest capacity

Problem 06
A trapezoidal gutter is to be made, from a strip of metal 22 inches wide by bending up the edges. If the base is 14 inches wide, what width across the top gives the greatest carrying capacity.

41 - 42 Maxima and Minima Problems Involving Trapezoidal Gutter

Problem 41
In Problem 39, if the strip is L in. wide, and the width across the top is T in. (T < L), what base width gives the maximum capacity?

38 - 40 Solved problems in maxima and minima

Problem 38
A cylindrical glass jar has a plastic top. If the plastic is half as expensive as glass, per unit area, find the most economical proportion of the jar.

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