sum of two numbers

05 - Sum and Difference of Two Numbers Multiplied to Sum and Difference of Their Squares

Find two numbers such that their sum multiplied by the sum of their squares is 5500, and their difference multiplied by the difference of their squares is 352.

02 - Problems involving sum of two numbers

Problem 3
A man bought a cellphone and laptop for P50,000.00, paying three times as much for the laptop as for the cellphone. How much did each cost?

Problem 4
Two boys, counting their money, found that together they had P372, and that Rody had five times as much as Mar. How much had each?

01 - Problems involving sum of two numbers

Problem 1
The sum of two numbers is 120. If the greater number is four times the less, what are the numbers?

Problem 2
The greater of two numbers is twice the less, and the sum of the numbers is 96. What are the numbers?

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