specific gravity of mercury

Problem 10 - Variation of Pressure

A gage on the suction side of a pump shown vacuum of 254 mm of mercury. Compute (a) pressure head in meters of water; (b) pressure in kiloPascal; (c) absolute pressure in kiloPascal if barometer reads 736.6 mm of mercury.

Problem 07 - Variation of Pressure

If the pressure in the tank of oil (sp gr 0.80) is 415 kPa, what is the equivalent head: (a) in meters of oil, (b) in meters of water, and (c) in centimeters of mercury?

Problem 04 - Variation of Pressure

What height of mercury column will cause a pressure of 680 kPa? What is the equivalent height of water column?

Problem 01 - Variation of Pressure

Determine the pressure in a vessel of mercury, specific gravity 13.6, at a point 20 cm below the surface. Express the answer in N/m2.

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