SI Derived Units

Derived quantity Name Symbol Other symbol Base units
plane angle radian rad - m·m-1 = 1
solid angle steradian sr - m2·m-2=1
frequency hertz Hz - s-1
force newton N - m·kg·s-2
pressure, stress pascal Pa N/m2 m-1·kg·s-2
energy, work, quantity of heat joule J Nm m2·kg·s-2
power, radiant flux watt W J/s m2·kg·s-3
electric charge, quantity of electricity coulomb C - s·A
electric potential, difference, electromotive force volt V W/A m2·kg·s-3·A-1
capacitance farad F C/V m-2·kg-1·s4·A2
electric conductance siemens A/V m-2·kg-1·s3·A2
electric resistance ohm W V/A m2·kg·s-3·A-2
magnetic flux weber Wb Vs m2·kg·s-2·A-1
magnetic flux density tesla T Wb/m2 kg·s-2·A-1
inductance henry H Wb/A m2·kg·s-2·A-2
Celsius temperature degree Celsius °C - K
luminous flux lumen lm cd·sr m2·m-2·cd = cd
illuminance lux lx lm/m2 m2·m-4·cd = m-2·cd
activity (of a radionuclide) becquerel Bq - s-1
absorbed dose, specific energy (imparted), kerma gray Gy J/kg m2·s-2
dose equivalent sievert Sv J/kg m2·s-2
catalytic activity katal kat - s-1mol

SI Unit Prefixes

Prefix Symbol Factor Decimal
Yocto Septillionth y 10-24   0.000000000000000000000001
Zepto Sextillionth z 10-21   0.000000000000000000001
Atto Quintillionth a 10-18   0.000000000000000001
Femto Quadrillionth 10-15   0.000000000000001
Pico Trillionth 10-12   0.000000000001
Nano Billionth 10-9   0.000000001
Micro  Millionth µ  10-6   0.000001
Milli Thousandth 10-3   0.001
Centi Hundredth c 10-2   0.01
Deci  Tenth 10-1   0.1
  One   100 1
Deca  Ten da  101 10  
Hecto Hundred 102 100  
Kilo Thousand 103 1000  
Mega Million 106 1000000  
Giga Billion 109 1000000000  
Tera Trillion 1012 1000000000000  
Peta Quadrillion 1015 1000000000000000  
Exa Quintillion 1018 1000000000000000000  
Zetta Sextillion 1021 1000000000000000000000  
Yotta Septillion 1024 1000000000000000000000000   

SI Base Units

The International System of Units (SI) define the following base units

Meter (m)
The length of the path traveled by light in a vacuum during a time interval of 1/299 792 458 of a second.

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