Solution to Problem 520 | Flexure Formula

Problem 520
A beam with an S310 × 74 section (see Appendix B of textbook) is used as a simply supported beam 6 m long. Find the maximum uniformly distributed load that can be applied over the entire length of the beam, in addition to the weight of the beam, if the flexural stress is not to exceed 120 MPa.

Solution to Problem 519 | Flexure Formula

Problem 519
A 30-ft beam, simply supported at 6 ft from either end carries a uniformly distributed load of intensity wo over its entire length. The beam is made by welding two S18 × 70 (see appendix B of text book) sections along their flanges to form the section shown in Fig. P-519. Calculate the maximum value of wo if the flexural stress is limited to 20 ksi. Be sure to include the weight of the beam.