Problem 524 | Friction

Problem 524
A horizontal arm having a bushing of 20 mm long is slipped over a 20-mm diameter vertical rod, as shown in Fig. P-524. The coefficient of friction between the bushing and the rod is 0.20. Compute the minimum length L at which a weight W can be placed to prevent the arm from slipping down the rod. Neglect the weight of the arm.

Bushing and rod system


Problem 357 | Equilibrium of Non-Concurrent Force System Jhun Vert Sun, 04/19/2020 - 12:32 pm

Problem 357
The uniform rod in Fig. P-357 weighs 420 lb and has its center of gravity at G. Determine the tension in the cable and the reactions at the smooth surfaces at A and B.

Uniform rod supported by a cable