rectangular lot

A rectangular waterfront lot has a perimeter of 1000 feet. To create a sense of privacy, the lot owner decides to fence along three sides excluding the sides that fronts the water. An expensive fencing along the lot’s front length costs Php25 per foot, and an inexpensive fencing along two side widths costs only Php5 per foot. The total cost of the fencing along all three sides comes to Php9500. What is the lot’s dimensions?

A.   300 feet by 100 feet C.   400 feet by 200 feet
B.   400 feet by 100 feet D.   300 feet by 200 feet


12 - 14 Rectangular Lot Problems in Maxima and Minima

Problem 12
A rectangular field of fixed area is to be enclosed and divided into three lots by parallels to one of the sides. What should be the relative dimensions of the field to make the amount of fencing minimum?

09 - 11 Rectangular Lot Problems in Maxima and Minima

Problem 9
What should be the shape of a rectangular field of a given area, if it is to be enclosed by the least amount of fencing?

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