piezometric height

Problem 02 - Bernoulli's Energy Theorem

Problem 2
From Figure 4-01, the following head losses are known: From (1) to (2), 0 m; from (2) to (3), 0.60 m; from (3) to (4), 2.1 m; from (4) to (5), 0.3 m. Make a table showing elevation head, velocity head, pressure head, and total head at each of the five points. How high above the center of the pipe will water stands in the piezometer tubes (3) and (4)?



Problem 02 - Manometer

In the piezometers of the figure shown, liquid stands 1.37 m above point M. What is the pressure at M in kiloPascal if the liquid is (a) water, (b) oil (sp gr 0.90), (c) mercury, and (d) molasses (sp gr 1.5).



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