Going Downstream

A boat going upstream takes 1.5 times longer than going the same distance downstream. If the water current in the river is 8 kph, calculate the speed of the boat in still water.

A.   30 kph C.   40 kph
B.   50 kph D.   20 kph


In still water, your small boat averages 8 miles per hour. It takes you the same amount of time to travel 15 miles downstream, with the current, as 9 miles upstream, against the current. What is the rate of water's current?

A.   4 miles/hr C.   2 miles/hr
B.   3 miles/hr D.   5 miles/hr


03 - In rowing a boat: find the rate of stream

A man can row 77 km and back in 14 hours. If he can row 6.5 km with the stream at the same time as 4.8 km against the stream, find the rate of the stream.

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