frictionless pulley

Problem 454 - System of Booms and Pulleys

Problem 454
Determine the horizontal and vertical components of the hinge force at A for the structure shown in Figure P-454. Neglect the weights of the members and of the pulleys.



Problem 453 - Analysis of A-frame with Weightless Cylinder

Problem 453
For the frame shown in Figure P-453, determine the resultant hinge forces at B, C, and E.



Problem 452 - Weight Supported by a Cable Which Runs Over a Frictionless Pulley

Problem 452
For the frame shown in Figure P-452, determine the horizontal and vertical components of the hinge force at B as it acts upon member AC.



Problem 511 | Friction

Problem 511
Find the least value of P required to cause the system of blocks shown in Fig. P-511 to have impending motion to the left. The coefficient of friction under each block is 0.20.

Two blocks connected by a cord


Problem 510 | Friction

Problem 510
What weight W is necessary to start the system of blocks shown in Fig. P-510 moving to the right? The coefficient of friction is 0.10 and the pulleys are assumed to be frictionless.

Weight of a hanging block


Problem 509 | Friction

Problem 509
The blocks shown in Fig. P-509 are connected by flexible, inextensible cords passing over frictionless pulleys. At A the coefficients of friction are μs = 0.30 and μk = 0.20 while at B they are μs = 0.40 and μk = 0.30. Compute the magnitude and direction of the friction force acting on each block.

Two blocks on two inclined planes connected by cords


Problem 340 - 341 | Equilibrium of Parallel Force System

Problem 340
For the system of pulleys shown in Fig. P-340, determine the ratio of W to P to maintain equilibrium. Neglect axle friction and the weights of the pulleys.

System of Five Pulleys


Problem 319 | Equilibrium of Concurrent Force System

Problem 319 - Finding the unknown angle theta and the normal force acting on the floor

Problem 319
Cords are loop around a small spacer separating two cylinders each weighing 400 lb and pass, as shown in Fig. P-319 over a frictionless pulleys to weights of 200 lb and 400 lb . Determine the angle θ and the normal pressure N between the cylinders and the smooth horizontal surface.

Cords loop around the spacer of cyliders


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