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Calculator for Engineering Board Exam

Any one who took an engineering board examination will agree with me that scientific calculator is our best friend during the examination. It will speed up our work and will allow us to go through the analysis of the problem. In most cases, solving the equation is not the real issue, it is to write the correct equation that matters. If we are able to determine the correct equation of a particular situation, the burden of that problem is over. Our next step is obviously to solve for the desired value. It is important to note that the correct answer can only be derived from the correct equation. To determine the correct equation is where should our brain go, not in finding the solution of that equation. You guess it right, we use our best friend, the scientific calculator, to do the task. Don't do manual calculation please, the examiner will not give you bonus points in finding the roots of

$9\sin^{3/4} \theta + 4\sin^{3/2} \theta - 12 = 0$


manually. Calculator can easily solve for the value of θ fast and accurate than you.

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