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Concepts and terminology questions are almost all the time part of math and engineering exams. And I think a good way to learn or reinforce these areas is through repetitive exposure in the form of quizzes, much like learning a language or vocabulary using flashcards. This quiz aims to enhance your strength in these areas.

You will be presented with 6 questions for each take, shown one at a time. For each question, four choices will be given, only one of which being the correct answer. If you the answer to a question wrong, don't worry. The quiz allows you to retake that question until you get it correctly before proceeding to the next question.

Also, solutions and explanations are provided for the questions. Where a question has no explanation provided, either it is self-explanatory, or it is yet to be created.

But be quick though. You are only given 3 minutes to answer all the questions; otherwise, all unanswered questions will be taken as incorrect. Passing score is 5 of 6 answered correctly.

This quiz has no expiry and has unlimited attempts, so feel free to come back here when you want to strengthen your powers in concepts and terminologies. Have fun!

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