MSTE Refresher Lite

MSTE: Mathematics, Surveying and Transportation Engineering
Review Instructor: Jhun Vert
Language: Taglish (More on Tagalog)

Get yourself acquainted with the CE board exam problems in MSTE. Experience the level of difficulty you will encounter in the actual board examination and feel the similar time-constraint in solving problems. Learn how to solve the problem in the most efficient way and improve your problem solving strategies from experienced CE review instructor.

Course Contents

  • Ten Refresher Sets
    Problems in every set are carefully selected so that the whole set will represent, as close as possible, to the actual CE board examination.
  • Video Lectures
    Our lecture-videos are available exclusively to enrolled students.
  • Q&A
    You can ask for further clarification. You can respond too to the queries of your classmates to sharpen your knowledge.
  • Preboard Exams
    Yes, we have preboard examinations.
  • Bonus Set/s


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About Your Review Instructor
Jhun Vert is the author of MATHalino. With around 20 years of experience as review instructor, he understand the struggle of students in grasping difficult concepts. In this course, he will teach you how to attack very difficult problems and help you strengthen your grip on underlying principles. Be minded that his passion in learning is contagious, come and join and experience it firsthand.