November 2019

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Civil Engineering Board Exam, November 2019


CE Board Exam Problems, November 2019

Below are solved problems similar to November 2019 CE board examination.

Mahilum, Lou Mervin Tristan P.

Civil Engineering
Mahilum, Lou Mervin Tristan P.

A contractor can buy a dump trucks for P800,000 each (surplus) or rent them for P1,189 per truck per day. The truck has salvage value of P100,000 at the end of its useful life of 5 years. Annual cost of maintenance is P20,000. If money is worth 14% per annum, determine the number of days per year that a truck must be used to warrant the purchase of the truck.

A.   200 C.   198
B.   199 D.   197


Mar wants to make a box with no lid from a rectangular sheet of cardboard that is 18 inches by 24 inches. The box is to be made by cutting a square of side x from each corner of the sheet and folding up the sides. Find the value of x that maximizes the volume of the box.

A.   4.3 inches C.   10.6 inches
B.   5.2 inches D.   3.4 inches


A box contains 5 defective and 195 non-defective cell phones. A quality control engineer selects 2 cell phones at random without replacement. What is the probability that exactly 1 is defective?

A.   0.0190 C.   0.0390
B.   0.0490 D.   0.0290


A conveyor is dispersing sands which forms into a conical pile whose height is approximately 4/3 of its base radius. Determine how fast the volume of the conical sand is changing when the radius of the base is 3 feet, if the rate of change of the radius is 3 inches per minute.

A.   2π ft/min C.   3π ft/min
B.   4π ft/min D.   5π ft/min


Smith and Jones, both 50% marksmen, decide to fight a duel in which they exchange alternate shots until one is hit. What are the odds in favor of the man who shoots first?

A.   1/3 C.   2/3
B.   1/2 D.   1/4


A Toyota Land Cruiser drives east from point A at 30 kph. Another car, Ford Expedition, starting from B at the same time, drives S30°W toward A at 60 kph. B is 30 km from A. How fast in kph is the distance between two cars changing after 30 minutes? Hint: Use the Cosine Law.

A.   70 kph C.   55 kph
B.   80 kph D.   60 kph


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