The total length of the beam shown below is 10 m and the uniform load $w_o$ is equal to 15 kN/m.



1.   What is the moment at midspan if x = 2 m?

A.   37.5 kN·m C.   -187.5 kN·m
B.   -37.5 kN·m D.   187.5 kN·m

2.   Find the length of overhang x, so that the moment at midspan is zero.

A.   2.5 m C.   2.4 m
B.   2.6 m D.   2.7 m

3.   Find the span L so that the maximum moment in the beam is the least possible value.

A.   5.90 m C.   5.92 m
B.   5.88 m D.   5.86 m