November 2017

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Civil Engineering Board Exam, November 2017


CE Board Exam Problems, November 2017

Below are solved problems similar to November 2017 CE board examination.

Corres, Nikho Lawrence R.

Civil Engineering
Engr. Nikho Lawrence R. Corres

A new kind of atom smasher is to be composed of two tangents and a circular arc which is concave toward the point of intersection of the two tangents. Each tangent and the arc of the circle is 1 mile long, what is the radius of the circle? Use 1 mile = 5280 ft.

A.   1437 ft. C.   1347 ft.
B.   1734 ft. D.   1374 ft.


A certain businessman, who is always in a hurry, walks up an ongoing escalator at the rate of one step per second. Twenty steps bring him to the top. Next day he goes up at two steps per second, reaching the top in 32 steps. How many steps are there in the escalator?

A.   80 C.   50
B.   60 D.   70
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