How to Install TexLive to WebFaction Shared Hosting Account

What is TexLive?
You are reading this post probably because you know what TexLive and LaTex is, or maybe you are in search for a way to install LaTex for your website. But in case my assumption is wrong, LaTex is the math engine that render all the equations of MATHalino.com. If you want to know deeper, let the guys from LaTex and TexLive explain it to you. LaTex is a must if you run a website that engaged heavily in mathematical equations. Many are also using LaTex to convert their webpages into .pdf on the fly.

Why at WebFaction?
WebFaction is one of the few web hosting services that allow their costumers at shared environment to compile their own apps. In other web hosting company, you only have the ability to compile your own app if you are in a virtual private server or dedicated server. You know how costly these servers are compared to shared hosting. I may refer you to my previous post if you want to learn a little more about WebFaction.

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