Site Roles

Understanding Site Roles

There are several roles in this site, each with different access permission. Below are roles with increasingly higher level of permission.

  1. Anonymous
  2. Unverified
  3. Verified
  4. Trusted
  5. Creator
  6. Moderator



You browse our pages anonymously if you don't login to the site. All you can do is view pages that are publicly available.


Your account is unverified if you did not respond to the system email sent to your address upon registration. You can participate in the voting system but you have severe access permission in other areas of the site.

You can bypass this access level by logging in using your Facebook account.


There are two ways to become a verified user.

  1. Login with your FB account. This is the easiest way, and instant upon login.
  2. If you register to us not by your FB account, you will be assigned to Unverified user. Go to the email you used to register and look for the email from MATHalino. In that email., you are given a one time login instruction to verify your account.


All verified users can participate in our discussion but all submitted contents and comments are moderated before publication.

Verified users are allowed to:

  • Participate in voting
  • Post a forum content
  • Post a blog content
  • Comment to any content
  • Take a Quiz


Note however that comments and posts are queued for approval.


Trusted accounts are granted manually for now (this may change in the future). All you need to do to become one is participate with a verified account. A moderator will notice your activity and will manually upgrade your account.

We don't have a specific outline on how to become a trusted user but we have a general criterion.

You are interested in the topics of MATHalino with no intention of spamming the site.


Note that this site is highly moderated and it is in our discretion to whom we grant the Trusted account. If you wish to get Trusted account immediately, call our attention by using the Contact Form (link at the footer).

As a trusted user, you have the following privileges:

  1. All access privileges of unverified users
  2. Post without the need of approval from moderator



In addition to the access level of Trusted user, accounts holding Creator permission ca do the following:

  1. Create own Quiz
  2. Upload Multiple Choice questions in own Quiz
  3. View and moderate results of own Quiz
  4. View own Quiz statistics



Moderators are site police, they usually operate in stealth mode and don't participate in the discussion. Most of our moderators are family and friends of Jhun Vert, the founder of this site.

We are working to create a community-based moderators. This role is under heavy development.